Outreach Tours

Who We Are?

About us

Outreach tours and safaris is a unique travel company that takes you to exotic destinations around east Africa. Our all-inclusive tours are a life changing experience, filled with culture, cuisine and unforgettable memories. Founded on the principles of community outreach projects, Outreach tours & Safaris works in conjunction with organizations, individuals and Christian ministries. Our tour packages are customized to suit your objectives be it game safaris, relaxing holidays, balloon safaris or special passion for African people. Our goal is to serve and deliver actual results to highest possible degree, meet your needs, safety, accomplish your objectives

What We Do

Our services consist of Travel Tours with Social Impact for individuals and groups, Hiking to Memorable Locations, and Donated Private Travel Tours.

 We offer full consultation for the Travel Tour Packages linking our clients with individuals and communities needing personal life-changing experiences. Equally filled with culture, unforgettable memories, security, stay transport, and shopping.

We endeavor to build lasting relationships through personalized services and mutual agreements beyond business.

Our Specialties 

Social Tourism | Sponsored Safari | Wildlife Safari | Mountain Kilimanjaro Climbing | Community Development | Safari Accommodation| |Airport Transfers | 4×4 Road Transport | Flying Safari 

With every Travel Tour comes a donation tailored to a predetermined cause. Our collaborators are the African Thriving Africa Health &Hope And Kenya Children Fund.