Who We Are?

About us

Outreach tours and safaris is a unique travel company that takes you to exotic destinations around east Africa. Our all-inclusive tours are a life changing experience, filled with culture, cuisine and unforgettable memories. Founded on the principles of community outreach projects, Outreach tours & Safaris works in conjunction with organizations, individuals and Christian ministries. Our tour packages are customized to suit your objectives be it game safaris, relaxing holidays, balloon safaris or special passion for African people. Our goal is to serve and deliver actual results to highest possible degree, meet your needs, safety, accomplish your objectives

First Class Service

We offer a full range of tourism and destination management services. We specialize in trips to intriguing destinations with emphasis placed on quality, personalized attention, safety and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Our team is comprised of a dynamic, dedicated and highly-trained team who are all specialists in their fields.

Custom Safari Vehicles

We use maintained tour vans, small cars fully equipped with high frequency radios for effective communication even in the most remote areas.

Volunteer & Charity work

Founded on the principles of community outreach projects, Outreach tours & Safaris works in conjunction with organizations and Christian ministries to organize customized trips rendered at serving them achieve their noble goals in humanitarian transformation as well as environment conversation.

Experienced drivers

Our experienced drivers are good at spotting animals. Their knowledge and passion for wildlife makes them familiar with the best places within reserves that game is most likely to be spotted. They are competent, well-trained and will give you special personalized care and attention during your safari.

Expert Safari Guides

Our safari guides are well trained and experienced to anticipate and determine the needs and expectations of our clientele. Each and every safari guide is fully aware of the Flora and Fauna as well as the different cultures found in East Africa. Our outgoing sense of humor keep you in a joyful mode throughout your safari.

Tailor Made Safari Option

Tailor made safaris are one of the most frequently requested services we offer. This is why, at Outreach tours &safaris, we give you the option of putting together a custom safari that suits both your requirements and your pocket.


The journey of Outreach Tours started in Nairobi through a distress call from a lady stranded at a Nairobi hotel in dire need to be at Amboseli for a church dedication ceremony. The Pastor’s car, which occasionally offered her transport, had broken down at the very hour of need.

The call was not direct, as the lady had inquired from a tour guide who had dropped his guest at the hotel, and he directed her to Boniface. Boniface dropped her at the church for the ceremony. The programme had already started, but as they say “it’s better late than never”.

Boniface, a co-founder of Outreach Tours, worked with missionaries providing essential basic needs to communities in the interior parts of Kenya and across the borders. He loved traveling to change people’s lives; this was his main interest. Occasionally the mission work would end with a 2 to 3days game or beach safari for relaxation.

On their way, they engaged in a conversation that singled out the lady’s love for Africa, her ministry and the many visits she had made to Kenya. After the dedication, “which we later learnt was a fundraiser for the construction of a church to save the community from conducting their Sunday services under a tree”, she was taken into a small hut where she was to spend her night. Considering her safety, Boniface booked her at the Sopa lodges for the duration of her visit, ‘she was marveled’.

The following year a request came through for transport, and she insisted on Boniface as her driver to go and see her projects. This time she was sinking a borehole to provide clean water for the church and build the women. This was the turning point.

Boniface and I made a perfect match. My love for traveling and being a medical camp beneficiary coupled with volunteer-ship commitment experienced all had given birth to the idea of changing lives through travel which was similar to that of Boniface.


Using a hired Four-Wheel Drive tour van, Boniface and I (Caroline) offered our first services to Africa Health and Hope. This marked the birth of Outreach Tours on July 11, 2011. Since then, we have continuously provided volunteer-ship travel packages for community service that always ends with a 2-7 days safari to enjoy the scenery of Africa. This includes; beach safaris, game safaris and luxury safari for our clients.

We have offered many services to local communities including; a Maasai community in the interior parts of Kenya at Kimana in Amboseli, Narok, and Maralal, all inspired by an individual who loves Africa, providing access to churches, bibles, water, food and clothing.

“We as well endeavor to build lasting relationships through personalized services and mutual agreement that go beyond business.”