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Explore Africa while making a Social Impact

Outreach Tours was founded to provide a platform for social tourists to explore East Africa while giving back to underprivileged local communities. Our unique social travel model enables accomplished, stable travellers who want to fulfil their need to uplift communities to participate in charitable activities while enjoying wildlife safaris. As a company, we are committed to sustainable and ethical tourism practices. We believe in the power of travel to empower individuals and effect change, and we are dedicated to using our platform to create a positive social impact.


To provide 10,000 social trips and an opportunity to develop relationships between travellers and communities to change lives for sustainable growth.


Become the social travel company of choice in Africa

Our Team

Caroline Karanja

CEO & Co-Founder

Caroline is an accomplished Social Entrepreneur. She has interests in sustainable development in social-economic aspects through conservation and community engagement in the tourism sector and SDG 1,4, and 6. 

She is the co-founder and managing of Outreach Tours and Safaris Ltd, which has positively impacted livelihoods through community projects in southern Kenya since 2014 through travel. Caroline is a giver in social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practice having volunteered for five (5) weeks in North America at Ten Thousand Villages, a founding world fair trade organization. She loves travelling, reading and is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams that impact influence and income.

Boniface Kariuki

Co-Founder &Travel coordinator

Boniface has over 15years of experience as a tour guide in various interior parts of Kenya and across the borders. He enjoyed travelling to change people’s lives, supporting missionaries travelling within East Africa remote areas in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and widely in Kenya. 

He was fascinated by inbound travellers’ love for African people. He has vast experience in safari management,  community engagement, networking, and alliance building. He loves travelling, changing lives, creating new friendships, and bringing hope to needy communities. He is the director of operations for Africa thriving in Kenya.

Jonathan Moyer

Travel Parner, USA

Born and raised in Africa as the son of American missionaries, Jonathan Moyer has a lifetime of experience working with Boniface and Outreach Tours. In 2014, Jonathan and Boniface partnered together to create a Non-Profit organization 

The Non – Profit Organization is called Africa Thriving to help bring food and clean water to remote villages in order to help them thrive. Since then, Jonathan has brought hundreds of people from all over the world on the safari with Outreach Tours that can’t be experienced anywhere else. Jonathan is also the United States representative for Outreach Tours and can help you plan the safari of your dreams.

As an avid wildlife photographer, there are few things that Jonathan enjoys more than being on safari in the places where he grew up. He knows the national parks inside and out. Kenya is not just a destination for Jonathan, it is the land where he was raised and to this day calls home. Now living in beautiful Carlsbad, California in the San Diego area, Jonathan can help you plan your personalized safari based on your own desires and interests. With Boniface handling everything you need in Africa and Jonathan helping plan everything from the United States, we are the perfect team to make your trip to Africa something spectacular that you will cherish forever.

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Mobile: (619)300-8636

Email: jon@africathriving.org

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