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What Do you want to experience


Experience the beauty of nature while in a hot air balloon followed by an exclusive champagne breakfast. This is a totally different experience as you get a bird’s eye view of the landscape and wildlife. Balloon safaris start off early at dawn, due to the nature and direction of winds in the morning. Places that offer exhilarating balloon safaris are Maasai Mara and Amboseli, You can also go for a balloon safari in Nakuru.


Kenya is ranked among the leading countries with 1090 species of birds. Birdwatching is a fast growing hobby. The country is endowed with over 62 bird watching locations that are globally recognized as Important Bird Areas. Our expert ornithology guides provide you with the opportunity to know bird names, distinctive characteristics, and habits, as well as admire their beauty. The best birdwatching destinations are found within the The Rift Valley Lakes i.e Baringo, Bogoria, Nakuru,Naivasha, Magadi


Boat rides are a common way to explore Kenya’s geography. Take the pleasure of exploring the East African Lakes and the Indian ocean in a boat, getting a view of the birds, fish, aqua, flora and fauna. Boat rides are offered in Lake Naivasha.

Cultural Visits

Visit the local villages in East Africa and get to know about their traditions and culture. Not only will you be learning but also giving a helping hand to these communities as your contributions go towards helping the community in specific vital projects such as building schools, water holes and so much more

Game Viewing

Game viewing is the most common activity in Kenya and East Africa. Usually, the best times to go for game drives are early mornings and late afternoons. In the midday heat, most animals retreat to the cool of thick undergrowth and disappear from view. Morning and afternoon game drives also allow you to witness the unforgettable African dawn and dusk. Maasai Mara Reserve offers some of the most magnificent game drives in the world.

Hiking and Rock Climbing

For those who love challenges, test your limits as you take on hiking and rock climbing. Tourist hot spots for hiking, rock climbing, and biking are Hell’s Gate National Park, Mt. Longonot and Mt. Kenya, and Tsavo East parks

Historical/Monumental Visits

History must not be forgotten. This is why monuments and museums are there to remind us where we came from so that we can set our priorities straight for the future. We have a lot of historical sites in store for the archeologists, writers, students, photographers and the general tourist.

Volunteer & Charity Work

Our organized trips to serve the underprivileged communities, for those who would love to do some volunteer work during your stay in East Africa please contact us and let us know what your area of interest is.


Escape the constraints of a vehicle and lose yourself in Kenya’s stunning wilds. Having worked non-stop for some time, there is nothing as refreshing as a walk in our cool quiet nature trails where the only interruptions are birds singing and trees whistling. You deserve it, we offer it. Please do feel free to contact us for any other activity that you may want to do that is not stated above.

Meet the team

Caroline Karanja- CEO

Caroline is an accomplished Social Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, offering financial acumen to lead businesses to profitability in lean times and growth periods. She has interests in sustainable development in social-economic aspects through conservation and community engagement in the tourism sector, focusing on SDG 1,4 positively impacting livelihoods through community projects in southern Kenya since 2014. Caroline is a giver in social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices having volunteered for five (5) weeks in North America at Ten Thousand Villages. She loves traveling reading and is passionate about helping people achieve higher productivity for impact influence and income

Valentine Wanjiru -Technical Support

Valentine has been working with us since 2018 offering Technical advisory as expert in business information Technology. She is very detail-oriented and loves travelling .

Boniface Kariuki- Personal Travel Advisor

Boniface has s over 15year experience as a tour guide in various interior parts of Kenya and across the borders. He enjoyed traveling to change people's lives, supporting missionaries traveling within East Africa remote areas in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and widely in Kenya. He was fascinated by inbound travelers' love for African people. He has vast experience in safari management, community engagement, networking, and alliance building. He loves traveling, changing lives, creating new friendships, and bringing hope needed in communities. Our

Samuel Kinyanjui
Michael Kariuki

Samuel is a student at wildlife clubs of Kenya pursuing a Diploma in Tour operations.
He is currently on internship.
Michael is a tour guide at Outreach. He has a passion for wildlife and wildlife conservation and is always ready to share his knowledge of the subject with anyone who wants to learn more.